Some information about who we are and what we do

About Me:

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I moved to Santa Barbara around 2010, and have been (happily) stuck here ever since. Between the nice weather and wonderful people, it's hard to leave. :)

I took up swing dancing back in 2006, and except for a short break of a couple years have been trying to refine my skillset in a dance that is so, so rewarding. Swing dancing's (and indeed all partner dances') richness comes specifically from its need for a fellow participant; it is a dance full of shared moments between two people, many times more interesting to me than the dynamics between solo dancers, or between dancer and observer.

Around 2010 I co-founded our group The Lindy Circle (TLC) with the mission statement of improving the dance scene in Santa Barbara. During its founding I barely qualified as a dance instructor, but after a year away I now am one of the co-organizers, and help with almost all elements of TLC's operations.

Besides dancing, I studied digital arts and animation in college, with the hopes of becoming a 3D Animator, and have been able to bring those skills to bear in my current marketing job. I still dabble in illustration, photo retouching and bouts of animation as well. :)