The Skeleton of the Site is Back Online

Posted by Robert at 11:50 AM on Mar 2, 2017


The website's fundamental elements are in place; and now it looks more-or-less like it used to. Luckily, through some back-end changes (which precipitated this whole screw-up to begin with) the site should run more reliably than ever. Time will tell.

I'm now trying to transition to focusing on content; making changes to artwork I've created so it can be published, and then adding it to the website to build my portfolio. We'll see how it goes, so fingers crossed!

The only real disappointment is that I've lost all my old blog entries. I was able to salvage the images I'd used for all my old blog posts, all five of them, so at least there are some assets I can reuse. Still, there were one or two heart-felt posts on there... I guess progress marches forward regardless.