Product Guides

For NuSil Technology LLC

During my time at NuSil Technology, there was a lot of collateral that either created from scratch, or more often needed multiple small iterations over a long period of time to make everything work well. NuSil's product guides fall into the later category.

We originally received eleven different product guides, for multiple industries, from our creative agency. Though gorgeous in their own right, there were many elements that, like our business cards, that we wanted to change for the sake of readability. However, unlike our business cards, we generally had to reprint of these guides every 6-8 months, depending on our inventory, with slightly different content each time. Often products would have refined data, or new products needed to be introduced or taken away. Occasionally all the content would be re-prioritized depending on market demands. These guides were organized with our most wanted or most exciting products in the front, and then our other products would fill the rest of the guide based on customer demand.

Our data columns were organized the same way: The data point that was most important for a specific product type, such as viscosity for our gels, would always be our left-most column, right after the product's name, and then the second most important attribute would come next, and so on. This also changed by product type, and by industry, so while viscosity might be the primary attribute customers wanted from our gels, on the next page customers might want to know the thermal resistance of our adhesives before anything else, and so on. Add in the fact that products used for engineering applications meet different demands than products used for medical application, and suddenly each product guide became its own animal, completely different in expectation and utility, but all these guides had to match aesthetically.

Project: Product Guides

Client: NuSil Technology LLC