More Modeling Progress

Some more progress has been made, and a better famiarity with Blender has been achieved. I've added a lot more definition to the torso and limbs of the model, and have just started blocking-out the hands and feet.

It's been really rewarding to see how easy model-building is in Blender, despite the oddities I'm still working with. I definitely miss using a proper tweak tool (if there is one, please let me know) but I also like how easy it is to cancel an accidental adjustment by right-clicking. I also find using Ctrl-Tab to switch between vertices, edges, and polygons to be clunky, and I miss Modo's simple, quick selections by typing 1, 2, or 3. It's just better.

Still though, I'm liking Blender's workflow. There are also a few amazing tools that, as you can expect, would be right at home in a smaller open-source tool, yet would be hard to find in a bloated package costing several thousand dollars. One is the Vertex deform tool, similar to the Slide Edge tool, which lets me refine my forms by sliding a vertex along an adjacent edge-normal; perfect when I want to do subtractive reshaping and want to avoid being too destructive. It's the meek modeler's friend, I'd say.

Anyway, maybe this blog will turn into a place to talk about works in progress. I've tried to tackle some larger ideas, or status updates here and they either never feel done, or I feel conceited for talking about more topics, and end-up deleting my posts. (Who the hell am I anyway?) In any case, time will tell; I'll post further progress soon.