My portfolio

This is an overview of my latest projects.

Business Cards for Elliot Lowndes

Wildlife Photographer

Business card design for a local Santa Barbara wildlife photographer.

Business Cards

NuSil Technology Color Correction

Video Editing

NuSil Tradeshow Invitation

Direct to Consumer

Business Cards for Bill Reynolds

Wine Seller for Vino V Wines.

Business card design for a local Ojai wine guru.

Business Cards

Scurry Dog Walking

Logo Design

Logo artwork for a business idea.


NuSil Business Cards

Constant refinement

Taking a poorly-excecuted design and pushing it to completion.

Business Cards

Album Artwork for The Jolly Llamas

Lyrical Illustration

Album artwork for the folk-rock band, The Jolly Llamas, back in 2014.


Business Cards for Hyperion Fitness

My first business card gig.

Business Cards

The Offering

Lead Animator

I was lead animator, with a small bit of modeling work, on the award-winning short film The Offering.