Album Artwork for The Jolly Llamas

Lyrical Illustration

I did some artwork for my friend's band, The Jolly Llamas, back in 2014. The album got off the ground due to a successful Kickstarter campaign, and I made artwork for each track to go behind the lyrics sheet. I also made the artwork for the physical CD itself. It was a really fun project, and a rare treat to work with a friend and have everything turn out great; a contrast to the horror stories that are so often heard about collaborating with friends and family.

I had a lot of independence during this project, and was provided with each song's lyrics and liner notes. These notes provided atistic direction, if I needed it, and explored the theme, desired feeling, or inspiration of each song. Often the cadence or melody of a song provided additional suggestions, such as im Hearts So Hollow, which sounded almost like a sea shanty, hence the piece's pirate in a crow's nest. Each of the pieces below is an attempt to marry all these elements together in a way that wouldn't distract from the song or song lyrics which sat on top of each piece.

I used Mischief to do all these illustrations. It's a cool little drawing app that is dirt cheap, and features an infinite canvas and zoom. Really, I saw this project as a way to test how viable Mischief is when it comes to producing a finished piece. All in all it worked well; it was a great way to reduce distractions by limiting my toolset, and forced me to remember more classical techniques, such as additive and subtractive painting. It was also really, really handy to be able to work completely independenty from image width, height, or DPI. I rather liked working things out with a quick sketch, oblivious to any settings or constraints, and then be able to export anything at 20,000 pixels or more whenever I needed, almost as an afterthought.

Here are the illistrations, organized by song order:


Llama Sun
- Llama Sun
From the liner notes: "I like to think of this song as the feeling when you've been traveling through space light years away from home and you approach our solar system and see Earth shining in the distance."

Monster Girl
- Monster Girl
From the liner notes: "This song is about being lonely and meeting a girl you're really excited about only to discover she's literally a monster. Themes of loneliness, unrequited love, sacrifice, and spooky monsters."

Hearts So Hollow
- Hearts So Hollow
From the liner notes: "This is about those times when everything seems to be against you and everyone is an asshole deep down."

Haunted Heir
- Haunted Heir
From the liner notes: "This song is about a haunted mansion that a young man inherits and can never leave. He's constantly being harassed by the ghosts of his dead family. When he brings girls back to the house he locks them in the basement with all the monsters that reside underneath."

Inspired by Defeat
- Inspired by Defeat
From the liner notes: "When nothing can keep you down."

The Alchemist
- The Alchemist
From the liner notes: "This song is about a girl who mixes poisons and special potions and tests them on her boyfriend. She goes too far and kills him one day though. Oops."