NuSil Technology Color Correction

Near the end of 2016, my employer NuSil Technology LLC merged with Avantor. Shortly after, NuSil's branding changed slightly, and the color schemes for our verticals were all reworked to make NuSil and Avantor visually consistent. Before all this, NuSil had produced half a dozen short film tutorials meant to attract new customers by explaining basic silicone attributes such as viscosity, durometer, and tensile strength.

One of NuSil Technology's latest advancement was a new high consistency rubber 50% stronger than the competition. A short film showcasing the new HCR was made shortly before the color rebrand took place.

High Strength HCR

My job involved color correcting each of these films by hand-keying color masks in After Effects. My most noticeable work was to recolor the logo intro and outro sequences to a cool blue. (NuSil's previous color was a magenta-type red.) In some films, like the one above, I recolored Jim Lambert's lab apron to match the Avantor color scheme.

Video Editing