NuSil Business Cards

Constant refinement

Advanced Engineering, Front Advanced Engineering, Front
Advanced Engineering, Back Advanced Engineering, Back
Corporate, Front Corporate, Front
Corporate, Back Corporate, Back
Life Sciences, Front Life Sciences, Front
Life Sciences, Back Life Sciences, Back

While working at NuSil Technology LLC I left my mark on many projects. Some were entirely my creations, built from beginning to end. More frequently my final submission would be a refinement of an earlier version, as was the case with these business cards.

The original version of these business cards were designed right before I had started at NuSil. The company had undergone a relatively new rebrand, and while these cards aligned very strongly with the new themes (lots of white space to emphasize cleanliness, use of white to suggest purity, and sparing use of accent colors) there were also some fundamental problems with the cards. The font was way too small, and the agency we used was really inconsistent with how their elements were placed. The cards would look great in a group, or individually, but once you compared things side-by-side it was clear how much individual elements could drift between files. Text boxes weren't even aligned consistently, making the left-justification moot.

At the end of 2014 I was asked to revisit the business card files and finally get rid of these two fundamental problems. I increased the font size from 4 pt of our chosen font to something readable, and locked-down all the spacing and palcement of elements. The NuSil URL was made more distincive and readable, and the colored accents were all cleaned up. I ended-up incorporating these standards into the new NuSil design document I would write later on.

Larger than all of these changes, I ended-up rebuilding the business cards in InDesign to take advantage of its Data Merge Function. Data Merge allowed me to import fields from Excel to auto-generate cards. This is handy for anything data-heavy but design-consistent, like team line-ups, nametags, etc.

Because Data Merge can import image filepaths, I was able to have it automatically alter our color scheme, including replacing the NuSil logo, depending on the employee's industry. Additionally, since I could tell InDesign to skip certain Excel columns, I was able to create different InDesign templates that would pull different languages for our international locations. By the end of my time at NuSil I had built a data base that could generate cards for any of our 3 industry, and dynamically populate fields in 5 or 6 languages, depending on the country. It was a great project, and the whole system felt like my baby by the end.

Business Cards