Pre-Christmas Planning

Christmas is upon us this week! Diya and I have taken care of our Christmas gift orders (which have been slowly rolling in this week), and are planning what to do for our Christmas dinner.

Like Thanksgiving, we're going to have just a couple people over for dinner. Diya is going to be making some Indian food, and I'll help wherever I can. Sometime on the 25th we'll have to open our gifts before going to a friend's house for Christmas Breakfast. Which means I'll have to find some time between now and then to wrap gifts covertly. I think I have wrapping paper in the car....

Some recent photos

Here's a funny photo I took from our walk this morning. Such an obedient dog.

Our tradition of making pancakes has continued each weekend, which has been great. Here are the baby blueberry pancakes that were the last of the batch last weekend:

Baby blueberry pancakes

Diya also helped me shave my head. We almost had a nice looking trim, but after a mistake I was left with a buzz cut. My brother would often sport a close haircut, and I see a lot of him in this photo.

Finally, here's a photo of us at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

Merry (Early) Christmas, everyone!