Taken at the James Joyce, in downtown Santa Barbara

Dinner, a Douglas, and December

On Sunday, Brandon invited us all to join him at Stonehouse on the San Ysidro Ranch. It's a beautiful location, and is where my work, DBNTM, had their holiday party a couple years ago.

My friend Brandon is about to leave for a new life in Tennessee (near Nashville, I think), and it was our last group dinner with him. It was an amazing meal, and Brandon was very generous by treating all of us to dinner (this place is quite expensive). I wish him the greatest success getting settled in over there, and am looking forward to visiting him in the near future.

A pleasant surprise, though, was noticing that Michael Douglas was seated at a nearby table, seated with a couple people, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, who Diya recognized. It was pretty cool to see a celebrity (two in fact) so close, since I see so few of them. But Montecito is home to a lot of celebrities, but it was really nice to find one in such a nice setting.

Nothing else of note to report, except that with Christmas coming up quickly, Diya and I have decided to make Indian food for the holiday. It's been great to build our own traditions together, and maybe this can become one.

All the best.