Taken at the James Joyce, in downtown Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Weather - May Gray and June Gloom

It's been an interesting May here this year, as the weather has been foggy almost the entire month. Yesterday Diya and I spent most of the day out of the house, trying to enjoy our weekend before the work week started up again, and it was socked in the entire day. We have been joking that we're living in Seattle now.

Of course, May and June are often cloudy most of the time, but I seem to forget it every year. It's been a point of conversation at the office today, but I always forget about SB's "May Gray and June Gloom."

Still, the day was nice. We went out for Ethiopian food, went to the park at the Mission (and tried to avoid soccer balls from all the Mother's Day family there), and were able to tidy the house quite a bit.

In other news, the gym visits have been going well. We both are planning on going tonight. I got a gym bag and everything... what has happened to me? Does this count as an early mid-life crisis???