A Quick Trip to Santa Monica

Diya and I have been looking for a change of pace, so we decided to do a little social distancing in Santa Monica today!

We started by taking the scenic route along Hwy 1, and passed through Malibu. Our hope was to stop there and maybe walk around or get a bite to eat. However, after seeing how land-locked the town is, parking seemed like too much effort and we continued the trip down south.

Santa Monica was a bit quiet, and everyone generally observed social distancing and was good about wearing masks. (We did too, except for one photo below.)

Our first stop was to visit Philz Coffee, where Diya and I both ordered the Mint Mojito, which was delicious! We then visited the nearby shopping center, which was this beautiful three-storied structure with lots of cute shops. We walked around a bit near the pier, which was too crowded for our tastes, so we took a side path to walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the sunny views.

After walking around we decided to get some dinner in town before heading back, so we walked back to the shopping center to visit the True Food Kitchen, which had some really incredible food. I ordered a margharita pizza, and Diya ordered the butternut squash vegan pizza. They were both really incredible. I couldn't believe it.

After that it was time to drive home, which was dark and uneventful. It was so much fun to get out of the house and visit somewhere new together, even if it was just a bit out of our way. We're both looking forward to more excursions in the future!