Hawaii Trip with Diya

This past week Diya and I took a quick trip to Maui. I had been to Maui a few times, but it was a first for Diya. We had all sorts of adventures (and misadventures), and I couldn't imagine a better partner for such a fun trip.

Our flight landed late on Wednesday, May 25th, and our first stop was to our AirBnB in Kihei. That place was, unfortunately, ridden with cockroaches, so we had to find a small beach motel late that night. 24 hours later we were able to find a new AirBnB, and were off on our adventure to experience all Maui had to offer.

On our first day (May 26th) after we got settled we spent some time walking around town before heading to Wailea Beach, taking in the view of the water and the distant islands.

We took things easy on the 27th, but managed to find a great park that became our regular spot to watch the sunset each day.

On the 28th we decided to visit the Road to Hana, which was so incredibly beautiful, and a lot of fun. It ended up taking almost the whole day.

On the 29th we did some touristy stuff, like shopping and lots of walking, and went to a Luau in the evening!

The last couple days we were able to walk around much more of the island, including Dragon's Teeth, relax by the beach, and had lots of time to kill before our flight home.